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"I am writing this letter to thank Braddock & Logan for our wonderful home in the San Jose evergreen area. We bought our home around 10 months ago from the Silver Oak Estates complex. This is our second new home but our first home from Braddock & Logan. I definitely feel the quality of construction is of superior quality."

"I would especially like to bring to your attention about the excellent service we received from your customer service."
- Silver Oak Estates Homeowner

"Bought a new house in Brentwood from Braddock and Logan in August of 2004. Very affordable home for the area. Was able to afford upgrades in the home also."

"Overall the home is wonderful and anything that has been wrong with it, Braddock and Logan have fixed right away or hired someone to. I feel we got a quality home for our money."
- Monte Verde Homeowner

"Just want to thank you for your help in coordinating and providing us assistance for some issues that we've encounter in our home. This has been difficult for us as new home owners to have to worry about any maintenance needed for our place of comfort, and your customer services at Braddock and Logan really helps. We appreciate all your assistance and great customer support."

"In addition, I wanted to recognize your technician, for his great customer support and exceptional results orientation. He is very professional, skilled, and provides great services to resolve the issues we've encountered. He represents Braddock and Logan with integrity, services and results orientation to a level that I believe a lot of the different home builders, ex. Pulte, KB Homes, etc... lacks."

"Thank you & keep up the great work!"
- Silver Oak Bay Area New Home Homeowner

"I just wanted to say Thank You Very Very Much for your prompt response to my emergency. Really appreciate everything you all have done. I can't say enough for your quick and important response to the matter. You are one of the few builders that really cares about customer service and your clients. I will be a forever Braddock and Logan supporter. Truth of the matter is that I am a Real Estate Broker, and I will surely let all my agents and clients know that when they see Braddock and Logan, they will talk about your company as one of the best builders in the State. Again, thank you for your help and quick response."
- Silver Oak Bay Area New Home Homeowner

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Braddock & Logan is a Bay Area homebuilder with new homes for sale throughout the California Bay Area including:
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